Garfield woman injured in carjacking outside her home

Police in Garfield say a woman was injured during a carjacking outside her home on Herman Street.
News 12 is told that the woman had just parked her white 2016 Mercedes-Benz outside of her home when a black man wearing a mask or hooded sweatshirt approached her and demanded her keys.
When she refused, a struggle ensued and the woman screamed for help.
The man then hit her with a handgun, she fell to the ground, and he took the keys.
When the woman's husband, Mariusz Milewski, heard the struggle, he came outside to confront the man, who then fired a round from his handgun, narrowly missing him.
"I grab him, I try and pull him down, and then he gets the gun and just tries to shoot me in the head…I moved my head and then the shot went off,” says Milewski.
When the gun went off, Milewksi says he let go of the suspect, who was able to get away. 
Neighbor Beata Szeloch says she says rushed to the front of her house when she heard the gunshot and saw Milewski's wife injured.
"She was full of the blood on her face, sitting over there and crying. It was very scary scene,” says Szeloch.
Garfield police say the suspect sped off towards Shaw Street.
Milewski suffered temporary deafness and ringing in his ear. His wife was taken to the hospital for treatment but has since returned home.
Milewski says he's not worried about parking his car in the neighborhood, but he's concerned about his wife.
"She's going to be scared right now, you know, to come out by herself especially in the dark,” says Milewski.
Police say that victim was randomly targeted because she had a high-end Mercedes.
News 12 is told police will be monitoring the area 24/7 until further notice. 
Police ask anyone with information to call the Garfield Police Department at 973-478-8500.