Fulop announces transportation plan as part of his bid to be governor of NJ

Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop is addressing concerns from residents in the city that a bus company is rerouting bus routes.
The A & C Bus Company – which is owned by New Jersey Transit – plans to shut down four routes that cut through the western portion of Jersey City.
Fulop announced in April that he is running for governor in 2025. He unveiled his statewide transportation and infrastructure plan on Monday.
“There's a disconnect between a private vendor that wants to make money and understanding how mass transit works in any state and in New Jersey,” Fulop told News 12’s Alex Zdan on Power & Politics. “New Jersey Transit shouldn't be in the private vendor business around mass transit because there's a disconnect between their goal and the state's goal. And we would change that.”
Fulop says his plan includes a $1 billion dedicated funding source for NJ Transit and taking PATH trains from the Port Authority to make them part of NJ Transit.