Police: 4 men arrested for separate car thefts in Linden

Police Chief David Hart says auto theft continues to be a problem in Linden and across the state.

Lanette Espy

Oct 24, 2023, 1:44 PM

Updated 245 days ago


Police say four men were arrested last week for separate car thefts in Linden.
On Oct. 18, police say they stopped Anthony Miguel, 30, and Marcello Miguel, 21, on Oct. 18 driving what they say was a stolen U-Haul van southbound on Route 1.
Police say Anthony initially provided officers with a false identity, and he had an active warrant from Arizona related to the theft of the vehicle. They say cocaine and other paraphernalia were found in the van.
Both men are being held at Essex County Jail and face several charges, including possession of a stolen motor vehicle and drug related offenses.
The next night, police say Michael Tierney, 35, of Spotswood, and Jordan Ellis, 30, of Freehold, were spotted leaving in a stolen car at the Swan Motel on Edgar Road. Thirteen glassine envelopes containing suspected heroin were found on Ellis during the arrest, authorities say.
Ellis and Tierney are both charged with possession of stolen motor vehicle and associated drug related offenses. They were both released on a summons pending a scheduled appearance in court.
Police Chief David Hart says auto thefts continue to be a problem in Linden and across the state.
“We have been very aggressive in our efforts to deter these crimes,” Hart said. "We have made significant investments in technology that has already proven incredibly impactful."

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