Police: 4 arrested for attempting to sell 2 stolen vehicles on Facebook Marketplace

Monroe Township police say a group of suspects was arrested for attempting to sell a stolen vehicle on Facebook Marketplace.
It happened Tuesday when the potential buyer tipped off the police. They say the resident agreed to purchase a vehicle from a seller on Facebook Marketplace who offered to drive the vehicle to the residence. Throughout the conversation with the seller, officials say the resident became suspicious of how the seller obtained the vehicle.
An investigation determined that the vehicle was in the process of being entered as a stolen vehicle from another jurisdiction, officials say. When the suspects attempted to sell the vehicle, they were arrested.
A second vehicle also followed the allegedly stolen vehicle into town to drive the suspects home after the sale. Police say the second vehicle had been stolen in a similar fashion.
All four suspects were charged with receiving a stolen motor vehicle and transported to the Middlesex County Jail.
Officials say they are now looking into if the four suspects are involved in thefts in other states, including New York, Connecticut and Maryland.
Police are reminding residents to exercise great caution when buying and selling in any online capacity.
The Monroe Township Police Department offers a Safe Exchange Program in the parking lot of police headquarters to provide a safe location to conduct online transactions.