Former Scout who killed his alleged abuser wants to help stop others from following a similar path

A Sussex County man who confessed to murdering his Boy Scout leader decades after he was allegedly sexually abused says he hopes to help others by sharing his story.
Clark Fredericks of Stillwater spent nearly five years in prison for killing Dennis Pegg on June 13, 2012. He says that it was during his time in prison that he was finally able to heal. He wants to make sure no one else ever has to reach the breaking point that he did.
“I first met my rapist, my abuser, the man who molested me and raped me at around age 6,” Fredericks says.
The former Boy Scout says that the alleged abuse went on for years.
“It was the most horrific experience you can imagine in your life,” Fredericks says. “He was behind me. He had me in a bear hug and I couldn’t move and it was like being in a straitjacket."
Fredericks says he never reported the alleged abuse, but instead traveled down a destructive path of drugs and alcohol. 30 years later, he ran into Pegg at a deli in town.
"Trailing in right behind him was a young boy about the age he raped me, calling him the same nickname Dennis had insisted I call him,” Fredericks says.
Fredericks says he soon hit rock bottom and snapped.
"I woke up with no boundaries left where even the thought of murder wasn't outside my realm of possibilities,” he says. "I went into his house - he was sitting watching TV. I ripped open the storm door, a violent struggle ensued and at the end of it he was stabbed to death."
Fredericks stabbed Pegg at least 20 times. He was later arrested and charged with first-degree murder.
Fredericks detailed his alleged abuse in court and other victims came forward. In 2015, he pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of second-degree passion provocation manslaughter and was sentenced to five years in prison.
Fredericks has since been released from prison. He is working with legislators and hoping to get a book published. He is also sharing his story through public speaking engagements.
“Sharing my abuse. Sharing my pain is that so no one will follow in my footsteps. No one,” he says.
Fredericks will be hosting his first-ever charity event next week at the Lafayette House in Sussex County. He says that it sold out within a week. The money raised will go to help three different organizations that help those who have been sexually abused.