Foot traffic remains high at recreational marijuana shops across New Jersey

Sunday was the fourth day that adults were able to purchase recreational marijuana in New Jersey, and business showed no signs of slowing down.
At ZenLeaf in Elizabeth, there was a lot of foot traffic in and out of the shop, and the parking lot was consistently full.
Dispensaries had been preparing for the start of recreational sales for several weeks. They had a list of requirements from the state Cannabis Regulatory Commission completed before opening day. One such requirement was being able to meet the demand and ensuring service to medicinal users went uninterrupted.
The general manager of the Elizabeth location says that extra manpower was brought in from across the country to ensure a smooth opening weekend and to tackle the long lines.
“It’s really cool because it’s a learning process. The first day that it happened, the line was out the door, around the corner. We did our best and I think the average wait time was less than 10 minutes,” says general manager Sonny Achrekar. “But the foot traffic is still the same. It’s because we found a way to help the patient flow, making sure people are getting their service, making sure they get to see the place, but get their medicine in a timely manner.”
There is no official word on how much revenue has been brought in over the last few days. Achrekar says those numbers should be released in the next few weeks.