Foggy, cloudy weather expected to continue into the weekend

New Jersey will continue to see foggy and cloudy conditions through the end of the week and into the first part of the weekend.
News 12 New Jersey Meteorologist Dave Curren says that Thursday saw cloudy and foggy conditions. Lawns were damp and the leaves on the ground were wet, causing some slick conditions on some roadways.
Fog will return Thursday night and is expected to have some impact on visibility while driving.
Curren says that some sunshine is possible on Friday, but that the day will see mostly cloudy conditions with high temperatures in the upper-60s.
Saturday will start off foggy, misty and drizzly followed by mostly cloudy skies. Highs on Saturday will be around 66 degrees.
The weather should improve on Sunday. But temperatures will cool into the mid-50s.
Cloudy skies and rainy weather return on Monday and should last until late into next week.