First-graders uprooted due to mold concerns

Two classes of first-graders at a Jefferson Township school have been displaced due to mold concerns.
A foul odor was first noticed at Briggs Elementary School by school officials in October. Repairs made to the school provided only a temporary solution, forcing the classes to be moved two weeks ago as a safety precaution after the stench returned.
"We have taken the protocol to address the mold even though we have not tested for mold," says Superintendent Kathleen Fuchs.
Parents say they are concerned for their children.
"My daughter is going to be there in six or seven months," says parent Rochelle Eisele. "I am nervous."
Administrators admit the school's roof has not been replaced since the institution was built in the 1950s. A consultant has been contacted to look at building a new roof, and it is estimated the construction would cost about $500,000.
The board of education hopes to have its budget passed in order to acquire the necessary funds, but Jefferson Township voters have only passed one school budget in the past five years.
The budget vote will take place April 15.