Fire badly damages home in Roxbury Township causing roof collapse

A fire ripped through a home in Roxbury Township, causing the roof to collapse.
A neighbor who called 911 told News 12 New Jersey that he saw smoke coming out of the right side of the house. He says he saw flames shoot up through the roof, quickly spread and engulf the home.
The Morris County Prosecutor’s Office is investigating the fire.
Neighbors say a man in his 70s lived in the home with his elderly mother. They say the man fell outside the home and was taken to the hospital.
“The fire just kept on going and going. And it was coming out of the roof all the windows. Then they took a saw and opened the garage door because there was a car in the garage apparently electric garage door, they couldn’t open it. So, they cut the door open. And I guess the fire didn’t get to the garage,” said neighbor Michael Tammera.
Tammera's wife Rona Tammera recalls seeing the man’s elderly mother sitting on the porch, but over the past year or so less frequently. She required care and used an oxygen tank.
“I just can’t believe it. I’m just totally in shock. Totally in shock and just so upset because it doesn’t make a difference if it’s Christmas, not Christmas, these are people,” said Rona Tammera.
The cause of the fire was not immediately known.