Expert: Sky rocketing unemployment rates have direct correlation with rise in domestic violence

Expert: Sky rocketing unemployment rates have direct correlation with rise in domestic violence

News 12 has reported on a rise in domestic violence and abuse since stay-at-home orders were put into place at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, but many charged with keeping victims safe, say climbing unemployment rates are making things much worse.
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“What we saw when the pandemic hit was a drastic reduction in number of reports of domestic violence," says Julye Myner, executive director of the Center for Hope and Safety, which helps domestic violence victims rebuild their lives

Myner is concerned by the number of calls they aren't getting for help, because she knows domestic abuse always goes up in tough times.

“It’s a very stressful time,” says Myner. “It's going on for several weeks and we know there are victims trapped in their homes.”
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Trapped with their abusers because of unemployment. Myner says skyrocketing unemployment rates have a direct correlation with a rise in domestic violence.

“When there is a higher level of stress and anxiety, encase of economics or any other issue, we see again an increase of domestic violence," says Myner.

The victims themselves are also finding themselves out of work, taking away their new independence. 

“The lack of employment they are experiencing right now is a step back in their ability to recover  from abuse and many of them considering returning to their abusers to be able to support [them]selves and children," says Myner.

Myner is reminding anyone experiencing domestic violence that there is help out there, and no need to stay home if it isn't a safe home.
The National Domestic Violence hotline is staffed around the clock. For anyone affected by abuse and needing support, call 800-799-7233. If you're not able to speak safely, you can log onto or text "LOVE IS" to 866-331-9474.