Ex-day care director accused of stealing more than $90K in tuition payments

Burlington County authorities say that a former director of a day care center is accused of stealing more than $90,000 in tuition payments.
Ashley Offenbacker, 31, is accused of stealing the money from the Kiddie Academy in Mount Laurel. Maya Rowell, a former co-worker, says that she was shocked by the news.
"She came off very nice. She wasn't unpleasant to be around. She came off as a very high-end businesswoman, she took care of business and that's all I really saw out of her,” says Rowell. “I didn't see anything mischievous or anything like that."
The day care is now owned by a different company. But prosecutors say that Offenbacker stole the money when she was the director. She oversaw billing and would often ask for cash payments instead of using the online billing system, according to officials.
One parent told News 12 New Jersey that her child attended the day care for a time. That parent said that she paid Offenbacker in cash at times and wouldn’t always get a receipt.
“She must have had a good personality with the parents and made a good bond with them and the children…to feel so comfortable making payments without receiving a type of documentation,” says Rowell.
Offenbacker is facing one count of theft by failure to make disposition.