Ex-Port Authority commissioner caught swearing at cop

A commissioner for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has resigned from her job after video surfaced of her swearing at a Tenafly police officer.
Former Port Authority commissioner Caren Turner resigned from her position this week after an investigation began into her behavior during a March 31 traffic stop in Tenafly.
Police dash camera video shows Turner showed up to a traffic stop after her adult daughter was pulled over on Route 9 West. In the video Turner demands to know the exact reason for the traffic stop and why the car was being impounded.
The officer refuses to tell Turner any information about why he pulled the vehicle over. He tells Turner that the driver has all of the information and that Turner should ask her daughter if she wants to know more about the traffic stop.
Turner is seen waving her Port Authority credentials around and tells the officer that she is involved in the situation.
Turner is also heard telling the officers that she heads up about 4,000 police officers. She also names several people in a position of power that she personally knows. She also tells the officers that they are ruining the Passover holiday.
The officers continue to refuse to answer Turner’s questions and ask her to leave the area. She tells them that they can’t tell her when to take her children home. She also tells them that they “may shut the f--- up.”
The confrontation was reported to and investigated by the Port Authority’s inspector general. 
A statement from the agency called Turner's conduct "profoundly disturbing."
Officials say that the car was pulled over and impounded because it had an expired registration.
Turner has not released a comment on the incident.