Estate of Capitol officer who died after Jan. 6 riot files lawsuit against former President Trump

The estate of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick has filed a wrongful death suit ahead of the two-year anniversary of the riot at the United States Capitol.
The lawsuit was filed against former President Donald Trump, as well as against Julian Khater and George Tanios – the two men who assaulted Sicknick during the riot.
Attorneys for the Sicknick estate say that the lawsuit “seeks to hold accountable those who caused the death of Office Sicknick as he defended the United States Capitol.”
“Former President Donald Trump called Khater and Tanios to Washington D.C. to attack the Capitol and they answered. This directly caused Officer Sicknick’s death,” attorney Matt Kaiser said in a statement.
The attorneys say that any rewards from the lawsuit would be donated to charity.
Sicknick is originally from South River.