Capitol Riots one year later: South River honors Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick

Last year on Jan. 6, Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick died after serving the day of the riot at the U.S. capitol to protect lawmakers inside who were under attack. 
He suffered two strokes that night and passed the next day.
Sicknick was among the police officers trying to push back the mob that was attempting to stop the certification of Joe Biden as president. 
Another New Jerseyan inside was Rep. Andy Kim.
“The level of toxicity here is just beyond reproach it’s so horrible.  Colleagues screaming at each other in hallways.  Everyone at each other’s throats,” Kim says. 
When it was all over, Kim unintentionally gave us a lasting image in a photo cleaning the Capitol rotunda.  
Now, the Capitol Police Force is still trying to rebound. 
Four officers who responded on the Jan. 6 have died by suicide and 130 officers retired or resigned.