Essex County executive: Monday vaccination appointments delayed; over 20K doses to be delivered this week

Essex County's five COVID-19 vaccination sites will have to delay appointments scheduled for Monday due to severe weather delaying shipments of doses.
Essex County Executive Joe DiVincenzo says the vaccination site at the old Kmart in West Orange ran out of doses Sunday only a few hours after it opened Sunday morning.
Still, he says about 1,500 second doses were given on Sunday.
DiVincenzo also says he has the tracking numbers for about 28,000 doses that are expected to come within the next three days. So while there will be no appointments Monday, he says all five sites will be back running again by Tuesday.
Tuesday will run normally with its already scheduled appointments, and then at night DiVincenzo says all second dose Monday appointments will be made up. He says this means around 4,500 people will be vaccinated in the county on Tuesday alone throughout all five sites.
The county executive reminds residents that if their appointments were canceled, they do not have to re-register. He says they will be contacted by the county to help them reschedule.