Entrepreneur turns once-dingy Newark loft into rentable creative space

It is considered to be a hidden gem in the Brick City. What was once a cluttered, unused loft in Newark is now a rentable creative space.
Alex Hodgkinson is the founder of ODR Studios. The rentable space on Madison Street provides options like a daily photography studio, a place to record commercials and music videos or just a spot for your next grand event.
“ODR is the most curious of lofts,” says Hodgkinson. “A place for friends to come and work from. You know, New York is not too far away.”
Hodgkinson says that ODR started with a dream and a lot of hard work. He says that he found the loft cluttered with all sorts of items that had to be thrown away.
“It was unused for about 45 years,” he says.
But with a lot of help, he says that he was able to transform the loft into a unique space for creative minds.
"That's what this space has kind of allowed me to do…bring in all my interests, bring in people and projects that I enjoy,” he says.
The studio is available for full-day, half-day or hourly rentals.