Elsa leaves Western Connecticut underwater, stranding travelers

Streets in areas across Western Connecticut were flooded on Friday during Tropical Storm Elsa.
The intersection of Elm and South State streets in Stamford, not far from the I-95 ramp, had knee-deep water around 8 a.m.
At first, the area was just blocked off with barricades. Drivers were seen going around the barricades, trying to drive through the water.
Part of the problem was that South State Street is a one-way street, so once the cars came upon the water, they couldn't turn around.
Police eventually got there and resolved the issue.
In Darien, cars were seen submerged in water, almost fully covered.
Metro-North train tracks got flooded somewhere between Darien and Stamford. The train backed up and let the commuters off at the Darien train station.
A group of commuters say they got stranded at the station. They needed to get to the other side of the tracks to go home but weren’t able to due to the several flooded roads.
They banded together and ordered an Uber, but the driver canceled.
"You don't really think it's going to be that bad, I didn't realize how much the flooding was going to be…should've stayed home,” says commuter Audro Gullo, of Fairfield.
The rain wrapped up in Fairfield around 11:30 a.m., and the water that flooded the town has since receded.
Police say there were handful of cars stalled throughout Fairfield, but no one was injured.