East Brunswick Winter Wonderlights allows motorists to revel in the holiday spirit, rain or shine

The East Brunswick Winter Wonderlights presented an opportunity for residents who wanted to revel in the holiday spirit to remain protected from the rain on Sunday night.
"They're in their cars. They don't have to go out. They can roll their windows up," said co-owner Roger Aubuchon. "They can stay warm when it's really cold and our lights are for the most part weatherproof."
With more than 2 million lights, the display brings joy to the community every year. They go up the day after Thanksgiving and shine bright through end of the year for families to enjoy.
"It's tradition now. They're starting to get into the Christmas spirit. They're singing quality family time. They're singing their songs. They're checking out the lights and getting their 'oohs' and 'ahs' and smiles on," Aubuchon said.
Aubuchon estimates that more than 15,000 vehicles come through each year, ready with snacks and good spirits.
The holiday spectacular started 20 years ago as a passion project between two friends who share a love of Christmas lights.
The task to put it all together is no small feat. They say the set up takes two months and each year, the pair adds more lights to the show with one goal in mind -- bringing smiles to revelers' faces.
The East Brunswick Winter Wonderlights is open seven days a week, rain or shine.
The entrance fee is $30s per car and tickets can purchased online or onsite.