Early storms Tuesday followed by partial sun; temps warm to upper-70s

This week will see warmer temperatures with unsettled weather patterns.

Dave Curren

May 6, 2024, 10:24 AM

Updated 77 days ago


The best way to describe the weather this week is warmer with hints of sun, but also random rainy moments. A complicated weather pattern is slowly setting up over the northeast. This nearly stationary system will allow waves of rain to pass along it but also allow the weather to clear up some for hints of sunshine.
The winds will be favorable for warmer temperatures. With the close proximity of the weather system to New Jersey, warmer air, moments of sunshine and a few waves of energy passing overhead - we could also see pop-up showers and storms.
TONIGHT: Storms linger over southern New Jersey, otherwise cloudy with patchy fog. Lows around 53.
TOMORROW: Early fog and storms pass and we'll be left with partial sun. Temperatures warm to the upper-70s and low-80s.
WEDNESDAY: Early thunderstorms, give way to mostly sunny skies. Temperatures warm quickly with highs in thel low-80s.
THURSDAY/FRIDAY: The weather looks unsettled with showery moments under overcast skies. Highs around 75 for Thursday and 65 for Friday.
MOTHER'S DAY WEEKEND: Saturday looks better than Sunday at the moment. Partial sun gives way to cloudy skies. Possible showers for Sunday. We have plenty of time to see how this pattern evolves.

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