Dog found safe nearly a week after owner was struck by a car

The 3-year-old dog survived Sunday’s stormy weather and was not seriously hurt.

Karina Gerry

Dec 20, 2023, 10:47 PM

Updated 179 days ago


One New Jersey family is happy to be reunited with their lost dog just in time for the holidays. Roberta Higginbottom received the good news that her beloved dog Bonnie was found just before she entered surgery on Tuesday.
"My mom didn’t think we were going to find her," Mary Higginbottom explained. "So, it’s the happiest ending we could have had with this."
Last week, Roberta Higginbottom was walking her two Shetland sheepdogs when she was hit by a car. In an attempt to save her dogs from being hit, she let go of their leashes. Both dogs ran off. Her 1-year-old dog Maisy returned home, but her 3-year-old dog Bonnie was nowhere to be found.
“We didn’t know if she had been hurt in the accident, so we were worried she was injured somewhere. But she seems fine,” Mary Higginbottom said.
Roberta Higginbottom suffered a broken arm and bruising on her knee and feet from the car, but her biggest concern was finding Bonnie. The Higginbottoms offered a reward of $500 to whoever found their dog.
After being missing for six days and making it through Sunday night's storm, Bonnie was found safe in a Bound Brook resident’s backyard.
“She was pretty filthy," Mary Higginbottom said. "She had a lot of some kind of slime on her, and she had burrs in her and mats under her collar.”
The Higginbottoms took Bonnie to get checked out by their vet. She came away from the whole ordeal with only a skin infection.

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