‘I just want my dog.’ Woman who was struck by car searches for her lost dog

A 63-year-old Somerset County woman is desperate to be reunited with her lost dog. Roberta Higginbottom was walking her two dogs on Tuesday when she was hit by a car.
“This lady, she had no regard. She was on the phone or something,” Higginbottom explained. "She was just like going down the road coming towards us, and sort of on the wrong side. Didn’t stop at the stop sign. Didn’t stop at the crosswalk and we were just there we couldn’t go anywhere.”
In an attempt to save her dogs from the oncoming car, Higginbottom says she released their leashes and the dogs took off. Her 1-year-old dog Maisy returned home, but her 3-year-old Shetland sheepdog Bonnie is still missing.
“I’m sure she’s frightened wherever she is," Higginbottom said.
Higginbottom will need to have metal rods put into her arm. She says it will be four to six months until she can use it again.
Bound Brook police say the driver of the vehicle remained on the scene and will not be charged. Higginbottom’s main concern right now is getting Bonnie back home.
“We’ve been looking," Higginbottom said. "And I have no problem if somebody has found her and she’s in their house. I don’t care. I will give a reward, whatever it is, for keeping her alive. I just want my dog back.”
Anyone who may have seen Bonnie is urged to contact Bound Brook police.