Dog breeder charged with 57 counts of animal neglect

Dozens of dogs could be heard barking from outside 899 Greenville Turnpike as state police and SPCA officials arrived Friday morning – armed with a search warrant.  
They say breeder Paul Poznerowiscz was found with two deceased miniature Doberman pinschers in the freezer of his Middletown home, where he had 57 dogs in deplorable conditions. 
Hudson Valley SPCA officials gave News 12 exclusive photos showing how the dogs were being kept.  
“We have done thousands of cases and this house is absolutely the worst I’ve ever seen,” said Hudson Valley SPCA Humane Law Enforcement Officer Gene Hect. “There’s no water whatsoever. He has two dead dogs in the refrigerator wrapped in plastic bags.” 
It took rescuers more than an hour to remove the dogs.  
They said the conditions inside were so bad it was difficult to breathe. 
Poznerowiscz is accused of selling the dogs without proper veterinary care. 
Authorities say several of the animals died in recent weeks. 
“None of them have been to a veterinarian,” said Hect. “None have ever gotten a shot. Two dogs are blind, and one dog only has three legs. So, every one of them has to go to a vet.” 
News 12 saw the owner outside while there during the rescue effort and questioned him. 
“What’s on your hands? Do you have blood on your hands?” 
“Yes, the dogs don’t like me,” said Poznerowiscz. “They bit me. It’s not the first time and not the last time.” 
Poznerowiscz denies the dogs weren’t cared for and says they were “poisoned” by dry food he bought at the store. 
“I hope I’ll be able to get them back,” said Poznerowiscz. 
Authorities have charged him with 57 counts of animal neglect. 
SPCA officials say they were at the home last week and ordered Poznerowiscz to bury the two dogs they found in his freezer within 72 hours, but that the deceased animals were found there Friday alongside his frozen food. 
The dogs are now in the care of the Hudson Valley SPCA. 
Poznerowiscz was given an appearance ticket for a court appearance in October.