Doctor explains breast cancer myths versus facts

Breast cancer is a very scary topic, but health experts want women to know the facts, not the myths.
According to Dr. Ashton, an OB-GYN at Emblem Health, approximately 250,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer annually.
She says breast cancer awareness is year-round for them, and she helps to educate.
Dr. Ashton says it is important to also know the many myths surrounding breast cancer.
The first myth she says is that men do not get breast cancer.
"Men do get breast cancer and about point one percent of men get breast cancer on an annual basis,” says Dr. Ashton.
Another myth is that if someone feels a lump in their breast, they have breast cancer.
“The majority of lumps that you feel in your breasts are not going to be breast cancer, and very often breast cancer may not show up as a breast lump; it can be skin changes and … a majority of them tend to be identified early on a mammogram and you may not even be able to palpate them so they shouldn't panic, but they should definitely make sure they follow up with their physicians,” says Dr. Ashton.
Another myth is that often breast cancer is hereditary.
"Breast cancer can be hereditary, but the vast majority of breast cancers that show up, do not have a hereditary link,” says Dr. Ashton.
One myth Dr. Ashton says is true is that nursing could help decrease your risk of breast cancer.
"Nursing, breastfeeding, yes it will decrease your risk of developing breast cancer,” says Dr. Ashton.