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DEP: More than 100 bears killed on first day of NJ black bear hunt

Officials have established a 20% target harvest rate for this season’s hunt.

Joti Rekhi

Oct 10, 2023, 9:53 PM

Updated 253 days ago


More than 100 black bears have been killed across the state as the controversial hunt is reinstated.
According to daily reports made by the Department of Environmental Protection, a total of 45 bears were harvested in Sussex County on Monday, 37 were killed in Warren County, 15 in Morris County and two in Hunterdon County. The state DEP totals the numbers each morning during the hunting season.
This year, like years past, officials have established a 20% target harvest rate. Some are shocked when comparing the first day’s hunt data as compared to last year’s total of 114 bears being killed.
However, the hunt was only permitted for a week in 2022 due to a decision by Gov. Phil Murphy to allow Segment B of the season, which is held in December.
Prior to that in 2020, 410 bears were hunted and killed across the state. A 13.4% harvest rate. The hunting season was extended by four days to get close to the 20% target.
DEP officials weren’t able to give a definitive number of bears they anticipate being harvested to reach their goal. But they have said they will extend the hunt this year as well if they don’t reach that 20% target.

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