Denville to restrict religious symbols on township property

Denville officials have decided to ban any type of religious symbol from being displayed on township property come next year.
The decision comes as many towns struggle with what displays are appropriate during the holiday season.
“Right now the idea of church and state separation is really contentious,” says Denville resident Nancy Ruddy.
Santa's sleigh in front of town hall, candy canes and Christmas trees will be allowed because they do not have religious meanings.
But all religious items, including Nativity scenes and menorahs will be removed.  So will a hammer representing a Norse religion, which was previously put into place after the town received a request.
All of those items will be moved to Hogan Park in town.
“You can now show children everything. No matter what it is and that’s inclusion to me,” says resident Susan Banks.
Banks says that she will miss seeing Denville the way it used to be.
But not everyone is happy with the decision.
“I think that it’s sort of segregated to me and I hope that can change,” says Dana Punzo.
The symbols can be displayed at Hogan Park because it is private property. Religious symbols will also be allowed on any other private properties around town.