Deep Dive: Have you considered moving in the past year?

News 12 New Jersey’s Tony Caputo recently asked some people who live and work in Hoboken if they have considered moving in the past year.  
No matter what their situation, some New Jerseyans truly love the Garden State. Some people have thought of moving but haven’t gotten to it.
Cathie LaRocca says she has thought about moving “a little bit, but not really enough to actually make the plans around it.”
Some people did move recently from one part of New Jersey to the other.
“I like it in Hoboken. You know, I love this town because I just came from another town, I’m from Trenton,” says Henry F. Minus.
Tony Caputo thinks once Jersey gets in your blood, it’s hard to leave.
“Absolutely not. My family has a business here for 40 years and I’m not moving out of that apartment. Never moving out of Hoboken,” says Nadine DeLouise.