Dave’s Forecast: Sunshine lasts a few more days, tracking rain for Friday

The weather brief will be just that today - brief. There isn't much weather to talk about anyway. Sunny and warm - rinse and repeat until Thursday. Clouds will slowly start to collect for Thursday afternoon.
FOR TODAY: Sunny and warm. Very warm by October standards. Highs will be in the low- to mid-80s. The record for Newark Liberty International Airport is 85 degrees set back in 1950. I think there is a chance we can get there. We should have a temperature watch party. 🤣
FRIDAY: Rain chances go up late Friday afternoon/evening. Rain Friday night into Saturday. Saturday might get spoiled by lingering showers. Something for local meteorologists to keep an eye on.
WEEKEND: The story for the weekend is the 180-degree turnaround with the temperatures.
This week is warm and sunny. But by the weekend, the temperatures begin to cool down and feel more seasonal.
Sunday turns sunny but temperatures are struggling to get to the low-60s.
From 10 degrees above normal to 10 degrees below normal. Ahhhhhhh the equinoxes.