Dave’s Forecast: Plenty of sunshine and warmth for most of the upcoming week

The dome of delight is in control for the next few days, which means mainly sunny skies and warm temperatures that are 5 to 15 degrees above average.
There will be a picture-perfect spell of weather for the next few days. Temperatures will be above average, with sunshine and no rain, which is wonderful. We'll get an opportunity to dry out after the flooding from Friday.
TONIGHT: Clear and comfortable. Lows near 60.
TOMORROW: Nothing but sunshine and likely warmer than today was. Highs in the low-80s.
WEDNESDAY: The hits just keep on coming - sunny and warm. High near 80 degrees.
THURSDAY: Expect an increase in clouds. Temperatures still on the warm side of seasonable. Highs in the upper-70s.
FRIDAY: Uh-oh, clouds collect. Chance for rain goes up later in the evening hours.
SATURDAY: Overcast with morning rain. Turning partly sunny through the afternoon. The winds pick up and the temperatures will start getting cooler
SUNDAY: Truly autumnal air moving in. Sun turning cloudy later in the day. Highs near 66.