Dave’s Forecast: Mostly sunny through the week, tracking more weekend rain

Clouds collect with a small chance for scattered showers Monday night.

Dave Curren

Oct 9, 2023, 9:57 AM

Updated 249 days ago


Stop me if you heard this one before. Sunny skies to start the week with showers developing for the weekend.
Unfortunately, you have heard me say that for the last six weeks. If the forecast verifies, this will be the sixth consecutive weekend that features wet and dreary weather. If this pattern continues, it could be an interesting winter.
TONIGHT: Clouds collect with a small chance for scattered showers. Nothing too terrible and the wet weather will not affect Tuesday morning’s drive into work and school.
TUESDAY: Mainly sunny and on the coolish side. Highs in the low-60s.
WEDNESDAY: Nothing but sunshine and seasonable. Highs around 69.
THURSDAY: Early sunshine then clouds collect. Highs around 68.
FRIDAY INTO THE WEEKEND: Mainly cloudy with on-and-off showers. Temperatures around the mid-60s on Friday, upper-50s for the weekend.

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