Current and former NJ Devils visit children across New Jersey

Current and former New Jersey Devils players visited with children across the state Wednesday as part of an annual tradition around the holidays.
It’s a tradition that began in 1982.
“We believe that the team…is actually owned by the community, is an asset of the community,” said Devils president Hugh Weber.  “So for us to go out…and work with citizens and people, in particularly kids, it’s important for our employees and for our players to know that’s where our priorities are.”
The players visited with more than 1,000 children at schools and hospitals and gave a toy to each child.
“We wanted to make sure that everyone in the community has something to open for Christmas that they can take home with them,” said goalie Cory Schneider. “It's not always about material things, but for people who don't get that opportunity it means a lot to them.”
Team officials said it's important to practice giving all year long, but also said that it's especially impactful to do so during the holidays.