Cranbury businesses distribute candy to trick-or-treaters to ensure safe Halloween during pandemic

Coronavirus concerns did not keeping some towns like Cranbury from enjoying Halloween this year.
This year was the first time the town shut down Main Street for trick-or-treaters while businesses and homes distributed candy safely to trick-or-treaters wearing costumes of popular characters from "Harry Potter," to Ana and Elsa from "Frozen."
Everyone took advantage of the street closure and the chance to bring families and friends closer while staying safe and socially distant.
"It's interesting to get used to all of this," said 10-year-old Mia Sarceno, of Cranbury, who also said she and her friends weren't afraid to come out to trick-or-treat this year, but they were sure able to point just how different things are this year.
"The masks, the hand sanitizer, like I've seen on some people's porches, they have like separators," Crystal Thompson, of Cranbury, also pointed out.
"We're just excited to have the town kind of feel normal again," said George Nikitiades, owner of Teddy's Restaurant.
"Closing down the streets and everything was really the best avenue to go this year," said Juliana Lako, owner of the hair salon Studio 43. Lako said she's been wanting the town to close off the street on Halloween for years.
The town reminded trick-or-treaters to be respectful of households and businesses that were not participating this year.
"It definitely feels a little different. Obviously, you can't see the kids excited. They can't hear what you're saying, like it is a lot different, but I keep thanking people for coming." Lako said.
She also said she's heard from the town that they plan on closing off Main Street for future Halloweens.