County officials urge voters to double-check paper ballots before sending them in

As millions of paper ballots are delivered to voters across New Jersey, county officials are urging everyone to take the time to fill out the ballots correctly and to double-check them before sending them in.
Officials say that it is important to make sure your ballot is filled out correctly, otherwise it will be rejected.
“The most common reason that a ballot is rejected is because it arrives late,” says Camden County Deputy Clerk John Schmidt.
But tardiness is not the only reason why a ballot is rejected. Another is because it is not signed.
“Other reasons that ballots are rejected are because they don’t sign the inner envelope next to the red X or that their signature doesn’t match what’s on file with the Board of Elections. Other reasons – strange, but people don’t include their ballots in with the envelopes,” Schmidt says.
To be counted, the ballot must be sealed inside the inner envelope, not sitting next to it or missing it.
Camden County has already received ballots back from the drop boxes placed around the county. More ballots are being mailed out this week.
“Only about 1 in 6 voters in Camden County has voted by mail, so we understand. That’s why we made our instructions as clear as possible,” Schmidt says.
Camden County will also be sending out postcards to voters to let them know that their ballots were received.
Voters can also check the status of their ballots online.