Ballot drop boxes installed across New Jersey ahead of November election

Dozens of state-issued ballot drop boxes have been installed across the state ahead of November’s mostly-by-mail election.
As the paper ballots are mailed out to all registered voters in New Jersey, voters will have their choice of how they want to get the ballot back to the state Board of Elections. They may drop the ballots off at the Board offices, put them in the mail, put them in the drop boxes, or drop them off in person at the polls on Election Day.
“We’ll empty these boxes at least once a day,” says Camden County Board of Election Commissioner Rich Ambrosino. “If we do an empty at say, 11 a.m., and we are done at 11 a.m. the day before and that inner box is almost full, we will come back later in the day and do it again so the box doesn’t overflow.”
Ambrosino says that the ballot drop boxes are secure.
“It’s not like a mailbox where you pull it down. It’s just a thin slot and they just slide the ballot in,” he says.
The ballots will be picked up by a sheriff’s officer, a Democrat and a Republican from each county on a nightly basis. Each box will be placed in a well-lit area under surveillance cameras. Most will be placed at municipal buildings.
Officials are asking voters to turn their ballots in as soon as possible so that they can be counted.
"For us, the biggest challenge is the crash. We're going to get 250,000 paper ballots in our office and it's just the processing, the time. Now giving us a one- day window to start opening the ballots and not counting them really helps a lot. By Election Day we can begin to count them. We will have 70% of the ballots we have received up to that point ready to be counted,” says Ambrosino.
Drop boxes will be available 24 hours a day. Voters are reminded to only drop their ballots off in their registered county.