Could NYC-style rules on proof of vaccination in certain spaces be in store for NJ?

New York City officials have issued a mandate requiring people to show proof of vaccination for indoor activities.

News 12 Staff

Aug 4, 2021, 10:31 PM

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New York City officials have issued a mandate requiring people to show proof of vaccination for indoor activities.
The mandate takes effect later this month and will impact many New Jersey residents who travel to the Big Apple for work or entertainment.
Currently, there is no indication that New Jersey will follow suit – either on a state or local level. But some businesses in the Garden State are taking action on their own.
Those who wish to work out at Fit Foundry in Hoboken must have a COVID-19 vaccine. Those who are unvaccinated must wear a mask.
“We simply ask them if they want to work out without masks on, show up with the vaccination cared to show they’re fully vaccinated,” says owner David Queveto.
David Queveto says the new requirement has been well received by most members - many are already vaccinated anyway, as are all employees.
“I think it makes you more comfortable if you’re shopping or working out or wherever you’re going. So it’s a good idea,” says Hoboken resident Melissa Azzarto.
The NYC mandate basically bans the unvaccinated from being inside of many places, including gyms, even with a mask. Queveto’s mandate doesn’t go as far, but he says that it's for the same reason – the safety of his members and their families.
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“The underlying reason is I know people do work in hospitals. We have a lot of nurses here, front-liners – doctors, nurses, people who take care of their parents,” he says.
Many New Jersey residents who frequently travel into New York City are preparing for the time when they will eventually go back. Some say that they wouldn’t be too surprised to see the stronger rules adopted elsewhere.
“We pretty much have a social contract with each other – if you can get the vaccine, you probably should get the vaccine,” says Hoboken resident Drew Macaleer. “That’s one way to enforce it. I’m on board.”
New Jersey residents are encouraged to download the Docket App, It is similar to New York’s Excelsior app. The state health department says that it is an easy, digital way to secure and access COVID-19 immunization records.
Gov. Phil Murphy says that the Docket App is not an official vaccine passport, but allows New Jerseyans to keep the paper vaccine cards at home.
Hoboken is offering businesses in the city financial incentives to require most of their employees to get vaccinated.

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