Consumer Reports releases picks for top vehicles

Consumer Reports released a list of the publication’s top vehicle choices based on its testing.
The publication says that the top compact car is the Toyota Corolla, calling the $20,000 vehicle a "practical, fuel-efficient sedan" with a "strong reliability track record."
The Toyota Camry was named the top car in the midsize category. Editors called the Camry a “competent, well-rounded family sedan".
The Chevy Impala is considered to be the top vehicle in the large car category. Consumer Reports says that the Impala delivers “a driving experience that's akin to a luxury car.”
Consumer Reports' choice for the best green car is the Chevy Bolt. Editors praising the vehicle’s "good range, brisk acceleration and tight handling."
The top choice for compact SUV is the Subaru Forrester, for the eighth year in a row. 
Editors picked the Toyota Highlander as the top mid-sized SUV. The publication says the Highlander “stands out with its good performance, fuel economy, and reliability.”
A full list of the top vehicles can be found at the Consumer Reports website.