Confusion, disbelief remain over man who allegedly killed family in Colorado

Friends of a man who allegedly killed his pregnant wife are wondering what went wrong.
According to her Facebook page, Shanann Watts and her family had strong ties to Passaic County. She says that she is a native of Passaic.
Authorities believe that Shanann Watt's husband, Chris Watts, killed her and the couple's two young daughters. Shanann's body was found at the oil and gas refinery where Chris worked in Colorado.
One of Chris's good friends named Jeremy says he's completely confused by the whole thing.
"We're dumbfounded, we don't get it," Jeremy said.
Chris and his daughters -- 4-year-old Belle and 3-year-old Celeste -- were just at Jeremy's house for his son's birthday party. He says the girls and Chris seemed normal and happy.
Jeremy says he didn't see something like this from Chris.
"You don't know what, when, why, where or how everything goes weird," Jeremy says.
Chris will be formally charged next week.