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Comedian Stacey Prussman on performing in New Jersey: ‘Tougher than Brooklyn crowds’

Stacey Prussman will perform at Uncle Vinnie's Comedy Club on Wednesday, July 19 and Thursday, July 20.

Lanette Espy

Jul 17, 2023, 5:26 PM

Updated 333 days ago


Comedian and public speaker Stacey Prussman joined News 12 New Jersey’s Syma Chowdhry in studio Monday ahead of her appearance at Uncle Vinnie's Comedy Club at Point Pleasant Beach.
Prussman ran for mayor of New York City in 2021 and says it wasn’t a publicity stunt.
“I wanted to take control of my life, and I wanted to make New York City wake up again and have a life and have entertainment. I felt like we lost it. And I wanted to take control and bring it back,” she said.
Prussman, who is from Brooklyn, says her definition of a successful person from the borough is someone who moves to New Jersey.
“A lot of people from my high school, they’re like ‘we bought a house,’ I’m like 'good for you.' I have an apartment the size of this chair,” Prussman jokingly said.
Prussman talked about her love for the Garden State and said she loves performing onstage in New Jersey.
“I love Jersey crowds. They are wild, they are fun, they let it rip and I perform all over Jersey,” she said. “They’re rough, they’re tough, they don’t mess around. They’re tougher than Brooklyn crowds.”
Prussman will perform at Uncle Vinnie's Comedy Club Wednesday, July 19 and Thursday, July 20. For more information, visit

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