Mostly cloudy today; tracking potential for rainy Wednesday

Summer arrives on Wednesday with cool temperatures in the upper-60s.

News 12 Staff

Jun 19, 2023, 10:24 AM

Updated 358 days ago


Some cloudy and rainy weather is expected across most of New Jersey over the next few days.
Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Dave Curren says that Monday was the sunniest day New Jersey will see this week.
WHAT’S NEXT: Carolina air and a series of small, yet consistent storms slide in New Jersey’s direction, allowing for overcast skies, passing showers and the possibility of isolated thunderstorms to come to the area.
TUESDAY: Mostly cloudy skies. Daytime highs around 79 degrees. Overnight lows around 65.
WEDNESDAY: First day of summer. Mostly cloudy skies with the potential for rain and thunderstorms. Daytime highs around 77 degrees. Overnight lows around 62.
THURSDAY: More rain is expected. Daytime highs slightly cooler around 72 degrees. Overnight lows around 62.

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