Clifton pharmacy prepares to deliver vaccines to customers

Local pharmacies are preparing to join the race to vaccinate their neighborhoods against the coronavirus.

News 12 Staff

Mar 21, 2021, 9:39 PM

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Local pharmacies are preparing to join the race to vaccinate their neighborhoods against coronavirus.
Businesses like Colonial Pharmacy in Clifton have been working to get refrigeration units installed to store doses of the vaccine.
The Clifton pharmacy has been in the area since 1985 and has invested thousands of dollars to get ready for the vaccine.
Colonial Pharmacy owner Walter Voinov says it was “very turbulent” when the pandemic started.
He says there was a surge in business at the beginning, but as shelter in place orders began, business dropped.
The pharmacy remained with support from loyal customers and programs, like the Payroll Protection Plan.
Now, as part of co-ops like the Compliant Pharmacy Alliance and state partnerships, independent pharmacies like Colonial will soon provide COVID-19 immunizations to customers.
"When we see our customers coming in and they tell us the stories on how they haven't seen the grandchildren or haven't been able to hug them, we're just very excited to be able to do this," says pharmacist Dorothy Duffy.
Colonial Pharmacy invested around several thousand dollars on freezers for the vaccine and appointment scheduling technology, along with months of preparation and training for employees. It's an example of how small businesses banding together can make a big difference.
"A store does even 50, 60 or 100 per day, when you add it all up, you're talking about thousands of thousands of people that are getting immunized," Voinov says.
While Colonial Pharmacy does not have the vaccine in place at the moment, they expect to have it available by the end of the month. Vaccinations will be available on an appointment basis.
Once everything is ramped up and in full capacity, they expect to vaccinate 50 and 100 total in combination between their location in Clifton and their other location in Van Houghton.

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