Cleaning service offers first responders disinfection service for first responders

A New Jersey cleaning service is doing its part during the coronavirus crisis by cleaning vehicles belonging to first responders.
The pandemic is taking its toll on New Jersey’s protectors. In Newark, three police officers and six firefighters have tested positive for the illness. There are others in quarantine awaiting results and others who are out with flu-like symptoms.
As departments do what they can to protect New Jersey residents, Morris County-based Timeless Restoration is doing its part to protect those on the front lines.
The Wharton company was in Union on Wednesday to clean the town’s police department’s vehicles.
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“It’s a combination of wiping, cleaning and then fogging the air in the vehicle, which basically gets it as best we can,” says Timeless Restoration owner Bruce Wishnia. “We need these brave men and women to do what they’re doing for us.”
Wishnia says that he was receiving so many calls from customers asking about cleaning advice during the outbreak that he thought he could do more.
“Then it hit me. I’m like, what about the police? What about the first aid squads? What about the fire departments,” he says.
First responders have been working nonstop during the outbreak.
“We still have to go out there. We have to handle calls. We have to go into houses,” says Union Police Capt. Bob Perez.
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Wishnia and his team have been cleaning vehicles since last week – scrubbing down as many emergency vehicles as they can.
“Whether it’s once a day or once a week, it helps us give our firefighters piece of mind that it’s getting done a little bit more thoroughly then what our regular guys would be doing,” says Union Fire Capt. Donald Vitale.
The team cleans about 20-30 vehicles a day all throughout Morris and Union counties. Wishnia says that they will keep doing it.
“They’re risking their lives in a new way. They’re risking their family’s life. What they are doing is unbelievable,” Wishnia says.
Wishnia says that he hopes that other companies also step up to help.