Clark mayor apologizes for using racist, misogynist language

The mayor of Clark Township is apologizing for using racist and misogynist language.
Recordings recently surfaced of Mayor Sal Bonaccorso using the N-word and other racial slurs in 2018 and 2019.
It was learned last week that the township paid more than $400,000 to conceal those recordings after a whistleblower threatened a lawsuit.
"I'm here today to say I've made mistakes, and I'd like to apologize for the pain I've caused to the residents of Clark…all those that were offended by my comments. They had a right to expect more from me,” Bonaccorso said in a video posted on YouTube. "I deeply apologize for my hurtful and insensitive language. It was wrong. I am embarrassed and ashamed to have spoken that way about a race of people. I have learned and I have changed and it will not happen again."
The nearly five-minute video was posted on Wednesday.
Gov. Phil Murphy has called on Bonaccorso to resign.