City announces revamp of Bx29 bus line in City Island, will run 24 hours

The city has good news for bus riders in City Island.
On Tuesday, the city announced its plan for a huge revamp of the borough’s bus system, and Bx29 is one of those lines.
According to the MTA’s bus network design plan, Bx29 is on the list to run 24 hours, a change that local officials and residents have been fighting for.
Officials say eight bus stops will be removed off the Bx29 route. The line is expected to have service that could be discontinued. The MTA’s goal is to make lines faster and improve service by spacing stops better.
As for the schedule, the frequency of service on weekdays and weekends is expected to stay the same. The change is the addition of overnight service provided to and from City Island.
In 2015, News 12 reported on a 27-year-old woman named Gabriela Aguilar-Vallinos who was hit by a car on her way to work on the City Island bridge. That tragic accident has lead officials and locals to demand for changes to the Bx29.
Officials say 400 bus stops will be removed throughout the city, starting next year.