Chef, nutritionist offers eating tips for kids going to school

Diane Henderiks, chef and nutritionist, is offering some quick, easy and nutritional tips for kids as they run out the door to school.
“My philosophy is if they don't really like something, and you're gonna send it to school, they're not gonna eat it,” says Henderiks. “So you can work on that for breakfast and dinner, and send them things that they like."
Henderiks gives some examples, including french toast you can freeze for the next day, with a purely berry syrup, as well as a yogurt sundae.
For parents that don't have time to make their kids lunches, Henderiks says preparation is key.
Examples include a wrap with just turkey and cheese, with some vegetables like spinach, as well as tortellini, which is great served cold, and some meatballs and if you wanted some sauce they can dip it.
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