Bulletproof backpacks on the market in wake of school shootings

In the wake of several school shootings last school year, parents say that they are considering getting their children bulletproof backpacks.
Saddle River-based Self Defense Company has created one of their own. The company says that it worked with an Israeli defense company to create it.
The 6-pound backpack covers the front and back and has a protection rating of 3A. The protection can be increased to 3+ if plates are added to it. A 3+ rating means that it can potentially stop bullets fired from weapons like AR-15s or AK-47s.
“To me, evil always finds a way.  If we homeschool our kids, if we keep them inside, if we don't go outside.  Eventually they're going to wander outside. We're going to wander outside and evil is going to find a way to do what it does,” says Self Defense Company’s Damian Ross.
The bulletproof backpacks start at $497 – but these are on the higher end of the price scale.
Ross says that the backpacks are not recommended for smaller children.