Brutal cold prompts New Jersey communities to take safety measures

Many towns announced Code Blue advisories that will last through Sunday morning due to the frigid temperatures.

News 12 Staff

Jan 20, 2024, 10:52 PM

Updated 147 days ago


Officials in communities across New Jersey are ensuring residents and roadways are safe as frigid temperatures prevail this weekend.
Many towns announced Code Blue advisories that will last through Sunday morning due to the frigid temperatures.
"[The] guys are ready, [the] trucks are ready, so when it's time to go, they are out salting and plowing and making sure the roads are safe," said Town of Dover Office of Emergency Management Coordinator John Filosa .
The Department of Public Works in Dover was out nonstop for the last few days working to keep the streets as safe as possible for its residents.
Crews continued to look for any pop-up slick areas that need to be taken care off and it was all hands-on deck.
"We have additional crews that respond in snowstorms of this nature to make sure we can move snow out of the way, get to fire hydrants in a timely manner, and still deploy resources to a scene or rescues of individuals that are harmed or trapped," said Deputy OEM Coordinator Anthony Rosario.
In previous winter storms, black ice has been a main concern dealing with the melting of the snow and the freezing run-off. News 12 was told crews on Friday went through three times the amount of salt they typically use in a snowstorm.
The focus shifted Saturday to the bitter blast and potential rain on the horizon next week. Mayor James Todd said Dover has seen flooding in the past in low lying areas across town, but they're being proactive about it.
"We actually had a meeting last week with the governor's office and OEM to coordinate what we could do jointly to prevent situations like that from happening again," Todd explained.
In terms of freezing cold temperatures, Todd said they haven't had to deploy their warming center at this time, but they are prepared to do so in case a situation was to come up.
Todd said crews plan to continue to work around the clock as the frigid conditions continue.
"We are only in the month of January. We have some time to go, so throughout, our residents should be patient while our crews are out doing the best they can," Todd added.
Officials in Dover also reminded residents to be proactive when it comes to winter weather. Residents can pick up emergency preparedness guides at town hall to walk them through what to do in the event of a disaster.

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