Breast Cancer awareness group offers support to women of color

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and a local nonprofit is looking for breast cancer survivors in the Bridgeport area to help them with their mission.
Sister's Journey was founded in 1999, and is dedicated to making sure no one goes through this difficult ordeal by themselves.
"The organization offers a sisterhood that I couldn't find anywhere else," said Lynn Sistruck.
Sistruck and Jacqueline Randolph are both survivors working to get the word out in the greater Bridgeport area to women of color that they are there with a support group to help women heal physically and spiritually, and to advocate for early detection and good treatment.
"Whoever needs help, we're there to help you through your journey and that's why it's called Sister's Journey," said Randolph.
The group is encouraging young women to conduct regular self-exams.
Sister's Journey holds monthly support groups.
The end goal, they say, is to cross the finish line together.
"You have been diagnosed with breast cancer, but there is good life, good living, thriving after breast cancer. It is no longer a death sentence," said Randolph.
Because women of color get breast cancer at a faster rate than others, these survivors are reaching out to women of color in particular in hopes of educating them about the basics.
"My lump was just below my shoulder blade, and it had grown for almost a year," said Sistruck. "My girlfriends and I, we thought it was an ingrown hair or a cyst."
Learning to spot the real deal, they say, can mean the difference between life and death.
For more information on Sister's Journey call (203) 526-7159 or click here.