BOLD program helps breast cancer patients in the Bronx

As advocates push for public awareness during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, one program in the Bronx is giving people with breast cancer the support and help they need.
Shirley Johnson says she has stage 4 breast cancer, but she isn't letting her illness stop her from living her life or helping others who are also battling the disease.
Johnson has been a BOLD buddy for several years, supporting cancer patients and survivors like herself who need emotional support during their diagnosis and treatment.
Alyson Moadel-Robblee is the founder of the BOLD program, which stands for Bronx Oncology Living Daily. She started the program at Montefiore's Einstein Center as a community support network to encourage and empower people battling breast cancer as well as other types of cancer.
Moadel-Robblee says having that extended support of friends and mentors is especially important during this time.
Virtual meetings are held every week. BOLD also offers an array of social activities like fitness, cooking and mediation classes as well as support groups in both English and Spanish.