‘Blood of Zeus’ anime series created by 2 New Jersey brothers debuts on Netflix

A Netflix anime series inspired by Greek mythology has its roots in New Jersey.
“Blood of Zeus” was created by brothers Vlas and Charley Parlapanides. The first eight episodes of the series debuted on the streaming platform this week.
“Zeus needs Heron to do something for him, to help him undo some of the wrongs he has done in his past,” says Charley Parlapanides. "Heron wants no part of Zeus and his father because he feels like he has abandoned him and his mother, and Hera is trying to kill him because that is what she always did to the offspring - the blood of Zeus."
The brothers grew up in Seaside Park and are the children of Greek immigrants.
They say that their five-year journey to bring “Blood of Zeus” – originally called “Gods and Heroes” – to life had its origins much earlier.
“My grandmother and mother told us the Greek mythological tales. Those were the very first stories we ever heard,” says Vlas Parlapanides.
“We grew up watching ‘Jason and the Argonauts’ with our father. Watching old ‘Hercules’ movies. I know there have been like 50 different iterations, but that really made an indelible mark,” Charley Parlapanides says.
"Blood of Zeus" can be viewed HERE.