Bella Magazine’s beauty issue to be dedicated to COVID-19 heroes

Bella Magazine’s beauty issue is normally reserved for Hollywood stars. The issue is the magazine’s most popular. But this year, it will be reserved for the everyday heroes fighting COVID-19.
“It tells such a beautify story about just the humanity in all of this and how it connected us and has helped us keep everything together,” says Bella Magazine editor-in-chief Vanessa Coppes.
Coppes says that she started to feel anxious during the crisis. Her husband works in essential construction. She says that as editor-in-chief of the magazine, she wanted people like her husband across the country to know how much they mattered.
“The words ‘The Call of Beauty’ or ‘The Call of Duty’ came up in conversation and we decided to go with it because, again, what’s more beautiful than people coming together in help or support of each other?” she says
There won’t be any glamor shots due to social distancing – just everyday photos of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.
Photos: The Heroes of the Coronavirus Pandemic

There are heroes from Hackensack Hospital, Marlboro’s first aid squad and many more – including a hairstylist who started to make face masks because she had the skills and saw a need.
“I started doing it day and night. Days were passing, weeks were passing and I was like, wow, you know, it was helpful to me too,” says Andrea Caprio of Morganville.
Meanwhile, Coppes says that she has been forced to navigate a tumultuous economy. But she says that she is ready to adapt.
"As the world and life have shown us with this pandemic, things can change on a dime,” Coppes says.
All the money from the sale of this Bella Magazine issue will be donated to Staten Island Hospital’s COVID-19 Emergency Fund.