Beautiful weekend ahead with plenty of sunshine, warm temps

New Jersey residents will be treated to a wonderful weekend with plenty of sunshine and comfortable temperatures.
Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Mike Rizzo says the next chance for rain doesn’t seem to be until Friday.
OVERNIGHT: Cool and crisp. Clearing out. Lows near 60.
SATURDAY: Sunny and refreshing. Highs near 81. Lows near 63. Very little humidity. Morning feels fresh and cool, very autumn-like.
SUNDAY: Warmer - like summer. Mostly sunny. Highs near 89. Lows near 70.
MONDAY: Mostly sunny and hot. Humidity makes a return. Highs near 92. Lows near 70.
TUESDAY: A few more clouds, but still sunny and nice. Highs near 84. Lows near 65.
WEDNESDAY: Sunny and awesome! Highs near 82. Lows near 64.
THURSDAY: Mostly sunny. Highs near 80. Lows near 66.
FRIDAY: A newfound chance for showers! Highs near 84. Lows near 68.